Medical Laboratory Technician (QMLT)

The QMLT programme is a two year on-the-job training scheme in a specifiic discipline e.g Microbiology. It is a nationally recognised programme with an examination at the end of the two years training. This exam is set by our professional body, the New Zealand Insititue of Medical Laboratory Science (NZIMLS), each November

Once you have gained your qualification you are then able to become registered with the Medical Laboratory Science Board (MLSB) and hold an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

To be eligible to sit the QMLT exam, an application is sent to NZIMLS. A practical logbook is then signed off by the laboratory supervisor or manager and sent to the NZIMLS prior to the written exam. It is a gradual learning process and the QMLT examination assesses the technician on the specific discipline theory as well has general laboratory knowledge. Once a pass mark has been attained, the trainee Technician applies to the MLSB for their Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).

At Medlab Central registered Medical Laboratory Technicians play a crucial role in the diagnosis and monitoring of many diseases. Technicians are employed in all sections of the laboratory and also perform shift and call-back duties.